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Neurodiversity is a portmanteau first coined by activist Judy Singer and columnist Harvey Blume, which can be broken down into its components of “neuro,” referring to the nervous system, and “diversity,” which refers to the variety and differences of things. Hence, neurodiversity speaks to the variation in neurological functioning in humans. The neurodiversity movement urges us to recognize neural and biological differences, to understand that not every brain works like yours, and that other people may experience the world much differently from you. There are different ways of perceiving the world, capacities to reason and think critically, and sensitivities to environmental stimuli. As providers, it is important for us to take perspective and decenter from dominant normed narratives. The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the history of the neurodiversity movement and neurodivergent culture so mental health providers, educators, and community members can effectively support neurodivergent people and build neuroinclusive environments. The information in this training may considered a precursor to becoming a neurodiversity affirming provider.

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