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My Approach

Often times, it can be very difficult for individuals just starting therapy to open up and feel comfortable; especially around someone they just met! Dr. Sami primarily focuses on building a  casual and comfortable relationship with each client to facilitate trust and acceptance. Dr. Sami understands that each individual is unique and has different needs. Based on the client's unique strengths and differences, she utilizes an eclectic approach, which may include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Behavior Activation, Relational Therapy; and aspects of play therapy, art, media, games, or even videogames as indicated for each client.

Dr. Sami enjoys getting to her know clients and their unique interests. She may utilize movies they are interested in, games/videogames, or other techniques for psychoeducational purposes.

Frequently asked questions

What will the first appointment be like?

The first appointment is also known as a diagnostic intake, which will last about one hour. Dr. Sami asks that only parents be present for the first session so that she may go over the paperwork and obtain relevant background information and developmental history.

This is also your opportunity to get to know Dr. Sami and ask her any questions you might have.


What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring all of your completed and signed paperwork sent to you prior to your appointment . This includes but is not limited to the Background Questionnaire, Registration Form, and Informed Consent(s).

You may also be asked to bring yours or your child's insurance card, photo ID, and/or birth certificate.

Please note that for children with divorced parents who share joint custody, BOTH parents MUST be present and consent to treatment. If you have sole custody, you must provide proper documentation. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of your appointment and cancellation fees.


Do I need to stay in the office for my child's appointments?

It is important that you plan to remain throughout the entirety of your child's appointment in the event that an urgent issue arises or you are needed in case of emergency. Psychologists in our clinic cannot be responsible for unattended children.


Do you take insurance?

Yes, Aetna, Cigna, and BCBS, however, individual plans and coverage may vary per patient.


Do you do family therapy?

When working with children/adolescents, it is important to include the whole family system most of the time. With that said, you can definitely expect to be a part of your child's treatment process; however, Dr. Sami does not specifically see entire families for therapy on a regular basis. She would be happy to provide you with referrals!  

Do you have to diagnose or "label" my child?

For private pay individuals, diagnoses are kept completely confidential and are not reported anywhere. However, for insurance billing or superbills, diagnoses and dates of service must be reported to insurance companies for coverage. 

Do you see adults?

Dr. Sami primarily sees young adults on the Autism Spectrum for therapeutic services. She does not see adults regularly for therapy otherwise. 

Who do you not treat?

Dr. Sami does not provide custody evaluations, nor does she provide services in the context of a high-conflict divorce or divorce situations with court involvement.

Dr. Sami does not treat actively suicidal individuals. If your child has expressed thoughts or made recent attempts of suicide, they may need more intensive care and constant supervision. 

Dr. Sami does not treat sexual offenders, chronic addictions, or conduct disordered or violent persons.

Dr. Sami does not do couples counseling.