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Help Godzilla Feel His Feelings

Help Godzilla Feel His Feelings


"Help Godzilla Feel His Feelings" is a telehealth friendly play-based CBT activity that is neurodivergent-affirming and taught in a child-friendly manner.

This resource can be completed over multiple therapy sessions and completion is dependent on the individual client's needs.

Your client's goal is to help Godzilla get in touch with his feelings, and apply coping strategies by teaching him various skills. It’s as if Godzilla is learning these things about himself and the world for the very first time! Your client will have to help him learn about himself, various strategies, and participate in several activities to help him learn. In turn, your client will also learn these strategies themselves.

Each activity can be adjusted/edited to meet the client's interests & needs. After each activity, there is an explanation as to how each strategy is beneficial.


This activity is 75 slides, and over 90 minutes of content on average (Depending on the speed at which it is taught. Every client is different.).

Strategies Taught:

· Emotional Identification
· Emotional Intensity
· Physical Activity
· Mind-Body Connection
· Progressive-Muscle Relaxation
· Diaphragmatic breathing
· Creative expression
· Planning for the future
· Mindfulness
· Polyvagal Theory
· Fight/Flight/Freeze
· Deep Relaxation
· 5 Senses Grounding
· Emotions in the body

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