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Help Spiderman Get to the Top

Help Spiderman Get to the Top


"Help Spider-Man Get to the Top" is a telehealth friendly play-based CBT activity that is neurodivergent-affirming and taught in a kid-friendly manner.


This resource can be completed over multiple therapy sessions and completion is dependent on the individual client's needs.


Your client's goal is to help Spider-Man get to the TOP of the building by DEFEATING the villains through play-based CBT activities. Each activity can be adjusted/edited to meet the client's interests & needs. After each activity, there is an explanation as to how each strategy is beneficial.


Strategies Taught:

  • Physical activity
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Progressive-Muscle Relaxation
  • Creative expression
  • Logic
  • Cognitive reframing
  • Identifying emotions
  • Identifying thoughts
  • Personal strengths
  • 5 Senses grounding
  • Additional Information


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