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Superheroes and their Trauma - TF-CBT Neurodiversity Affirming Resource

Superheroes and their Trauma - TF-CBT Neurodiversity Affirming Resource


This resource was created as a trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral play therapy (TF-CBT) activity to help make clients relate their interests to their daily lives, trauma, and emotions. Specifically, it was created to teach therapeutic strategies to neurodivergent youth by modifying and incorporating their specific interests into traditional TF-CBT content. This resource using superheroes to discuss the above elements and even includes a brief componement on Polyvagal Theroy.

This resource was originally made by Dr. Sami Pieknik (author) to utilize with youth via telehealth. Holding a client's interest and teaching targeted therapy strategies to youth can be a significant challenge - especially via telehealth. This is a fun, interactive way to weave a client's interests into therapy - all while making it interesting and teaching new and useful strategies that the clients can apply to themselves and their passions.

GIFs are utilized on this resource to add an element of movement, break up the content, and to assist in holding clients' attention.

This resource offers many options in the activities it presents, and can be modified by age and/or an individual's support-needs. This activity can be completed in one session, or over several sessions, depending on the client's needs.

The last few slides has the client participate in making their own superhero avatar and relating it to their own lives.


Superheroes discussed:




-Wonder Woman


-The Flash


- Thor


-Dr. Strange

-Create your own!

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