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This resource titled "Whole Body Comforting" is a neurodivergent affirming alternative to "Whole Body Listening," which is part of the Social Thinking Curriculum. This resource includes several info-graphics, along with a worksheet activity that can be individualized for each client.


There are 4 whole pages of actual content, and 9 pages total that include terms of use, how to use the resource/instructions, and information about the author(s).


Being comfortable and safe in one’s body is absolutely imperative to learning. This is the purpose of reframing this to “Whole Body Comforting” which is loosely-based on Polyvagal Theory.

This resource was originally made as an info-graphic by Dr. Sami Pieknik (author) and David Meer, LPC of Pier Neurodiversity and was shared to their neurodiversity affirming Instagram account, @neuro.pier in February 2022. This info-graphic has been expanded on and made into a resource for other therapists to utilize.

Whole Body Comforting - Full Version - Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy

  • .PDF

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